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VEB Lease, LLC

Toll Violation Policy

VEB Lease, LLC ("VEB Lease", "we", "us", or "our") and its renters/lessors are responsible for all tolls incurred during the rental or lease period. To streamline toll management and avoid heavy violation charges, VEB Lease has partnered with Verra Mobility/American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to utilize Plate Pass® toll guard. This service covers all major toll regions in North America, ensuring tolls incurred by a VEB Lease trailer are paid timely.

Each week, Verra Mobility provides VEB Lease with a detailed spreadsheet of all toll transactions. This report includes toll authority, date, time, location, toll charge amount, license plate, and Premier Trailer Number. A rebill invoice is then generated to include all these details, with each toll occurrence incurring a $25 processing fee in addition to the toll cost itself.

It's important to note that most toll authorities do not capture an image of the license plate when no violation has occurred, though exceptions may arise that warrant a dispute. For any disputes or questions regarding toll charges, please contact your local VEB Lease branch for assistance.