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Calhoun, GA

To manage toll charges efficiently, VEB Lease partners with Verra Mobility/American Traffic Solutions to use Plate Pass® toll guard, covering major toll regions in North America. This service ensures timely payment of tolls incurred by VEB Lease trailers, with detailed rebill invoices provided weekly for transparency.

Each toll occurrence incurs a $25 processing fee in addition to the toll cost. This fee covers the management and payment of tolls on behalf of our clients to prevent violations and ensure seamless travel across toll regions.

If you believe a toll charge has been incorrectly applied to your account, please contact your local VEB Lease branch. Provide detailed information about the dispute for a thorough review and resolution process.

Yes, you can extend your lease term subject to availability and approval. Please contact us before your current lease term ends to discuss extension options and terms.

VEB Lease offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for the duration of your lease. This includes routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and tire services. Specific services covered may vary based on your lease agreement, so please refer to your contract or contact us for detailed information.